Managed Business IT 服务 in Miami

Managed Business Computer 服务

The core of our Stress-Free IT philosophy, our managed services monitor all aspects of your computer network to analyze where issues may occur and fix them before they become problems.

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Cyber Security 服务 in Miami

Cyber Security Assessments & Solutions

As businesses increase their dependence on technology, the health and security of your computer network is more important than ever.

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Education Technology Consulting 服务 in Miami

Education Technology Consulting

Integrating technology into a school requires experience, foresight, and patience. Empower IT specializes in educational technology. Our focus is on cost effective solutions for schools that deliver high impact, quantifiable results for students.

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Healthcare Technology Consulting Miami

Healthcare Technology Consulting

Technology has become intertwined with medical care. With all of the EHR solutions, it can be daunting to know where to start and how to implement in your practice. We help physicians, hospital administrators, and office managers make informed decisions regarding healthcare-related information technology.

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IT Regulatory Compliance

IT Regulatory Compliance

Empower IT ensures that your business is in compliance with various industry and federal regulations (PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA) that are designed to keep sensitive customer data safe. We understand that the risk and penalties can be substantial, so we ensure your business is protected. That’s Stress-Free IT.

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Data Backup Solution in Miami

Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery

Some things are easy to replace. Hardware can be replaced overnight. Software can be reinstalled. In business however, some things are precious and need an extra level of protection. The DATA that you accumulate is invaluable and irreplaceable. Data is the life of your business, and we make sure that it is protected in every way possible.

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Cloud Solution for Business in Miami

Cloud Solutions for Business

The cloud has revolutionized how networks are created. From the basics such as off-site backups and managed email, to more sophisticated cloud solutions tailored to your business, we will analyze your technology needs and determine what cloud solutions are a good fit, and then seamlessly integrate them in your business.

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Technology Consulting & CIO 服务 in Miami

Technology Consulting & CIO 服务

Much more than just a computer company, we understand that all technology solutions need to improve productivity and profitability. 像这样, we act as your Chief Information Officer (CIO) to help you make technology-based decisions to help grow and protect your company.

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Low Voltage Cabling & Wireless Infrastructure

Low Voltage Cabling & Wireless Infrastructure

Without a reliable and secure infrastructure, your network is at risk for failure. We are able to effectively implement all cable and wireless solutions for your business. We can ensure that your network, both wireless and wired, are done properly.

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